Our synthetic grass tennis court surface is perfect for players who want to up their speed and return to the sport’s roots without the pitfalls of traditional courts.

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Tennis Court Resurfacing

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Looking to build a new tennis court? Or maybe you want to upgrade or refurbish an existing one? Whatever the case, Champion Grass can help.

We work with you to come up with the perfect court design and our in-house experts ensure that the installation and construction of your tennis court go as smoothly as possible.

We source all of our synthetic grass products from our world-class exclusive partner, Edel Grass, and our tennis court surfaces are certified by the International Tennis Federation. With such quality materials and expert installers, you can be certain that your court will be champion-worthy.

Whether you are just after a little fun or want to play like Federer, we can create the ideal tennis court for your needs.

Why choose artificial grass for resurfacing my tennis court?

There are a variety of surfaces tennis can be played on. Grass tennis courts are where the sport started and are still used in some of the most prestigious tournaments in the world (think Wimbledon). The grass court provides a soft surface and, with a low ball bounce, is perfect for fast-paced play.

The only problem with a grass surface is the level of tennis court maintenance involved — regular watering, mowing and repair — meaning that grass tennis courts have fallen out of fashion.

With a synthetic grass tennis court, you can have all the benefits without any of the downsides or burdens that come with. Synthetic grass tennis courts look (and feel) good, require less upkeep and are great for people who want to feel like a pro when playing.

Our Services

We offer everything you need to make your tennis court great (and keep it that way), including:

  • Synthetic grass tennis court construction
  • Tennis court resurfacing
  • Tennis court maintenance/service

All of our tennis court designs are overseen by our in-house team, including a Construction Manager, Project Engineer, Project Supervisors and Foreman. The Champion crew is dedicated to bring you the best tennis surfaces and will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

Tennis Court Maintenance
Artificial Grass for Tennis

Quality tennis court builders

We have the capacity to build both residential tennis courts and courts for commercial clients such as your local tennis club, council, or school. We always strive for excellence in the construction of our tennis court surfaces and ensure that the end product is something players will enjoy using for years to come.

With world-class materials and over a decade in the industry, we know exactly how to bring the best out of your court. Our tennis court builders can take on any tennis court — no matter how big (or small).

Contact us today to see how we can help get your court set up!

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We specialise in all sorts of sports surfaces: tennis, soccer, cricket, basketball, netball, running tracks, multisport surfaces and sports surfaces for schools. We also offer maintenance and resurfacing so that you can be certain that your players can always perform at their peak.

We service all across Australia, providing the best tennis court surfaces available.

Artificial Turf for Tennis

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